Tidy up your neighbourhood

This project is one that’s designed to get people meeting new people, working together to improve the environment and having a small reward after you’ve met up a few times.

You’ll need to find a few people who are willing to meet once a month at least to collect rubbish from the streets in a designated area in your town. When you have bin bags, gloves and maybe rubbish grabbers, arrange where and when you’ll meet and split off into smaller groups if you have enough people to simply collect the rubbish. Obviously you’ll need to know where you will dispose of it and be aware of things that you can recycle.

You should find that there are loads of aluminium cans around, which should be collected in their own bags so that at the end, you can sell them to a local metal works. The going rate tends to be 50p a kilo and even though you won’t make much, if you keep meeting and carrying out these duties, you’ll build up a few pounds that you could then use to buy some drinks and snacks or cakes that they people who do the work can share (like in a picnic in the park).

To get more people to join in, you could make some small flyers that explain what you’re doing and with contact details that you could give out to passers-by or post in a few doors where you are tidying up.

It’s good to talk to people about it, too, so you can make the personal connection and hopefully get them to help out next time.

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