Second Hand Goods businesses

A second hand goods business is something that is relatively easy to start and manage and can operate on a massive scale. Troc is a huge company in France and a few neighbouring countries that sells second hand household goods. It uses a very simple and clever model that can be adopted.

If you have something you want to get rid of, they come to collect it, check if it’s in good enough condition to sell and take it to their warehouse. You get paid a standard percentage of what it sells, but only when it sells. Their warehouses are huge so there are always customers and therefore more of a chance that many people will see what you are selling.

The first thing to do when trying to start this kind of enterprise is finding a smallish building as the shop. You will also need to advertise what it is and how it works. The scrap yard is also a great source of finding more items to sell without having to pay anyone who provided them.

You will need people who can fix or refurbish items as you can’t sell anything that doesn’t function any more. If it is managed in the right way, it has great chances for expansion. Troc now has over 190 shops but on a local scale, to provide more work for more people, it would be better to have smaller shops in different areas of a town or city that is intended to provide items for that community. Each one should work independently but following the same principles, i.e. cooperatively.

Visit Troc for more information.

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