Revitalising disused areas

Another project area that has definite links with the Transition Culture is improving the local environment so that it has benefits not just for the people who can live in more attractive places, but also for the natural state of the land. This is influenced by the concept of permaculture which is about enhancing the environment so that it becomes more developed to grow plants better and to become its own ecosystem and take care of itself.

There are likely to be a number of areas where you live that are disused or abandoned and straight away, this provides opportunities for development. For one thing, the appearance of the area where you live has a direct effect on how people feel. It is much more inspirational to be somewhere that is attractive and well looked after so once these kinds of areas have been identified, we should decide how they are going to be developed.

Some areas can be transformed into places where plants are grown for food to enhance the local food production in the community, depending on their size. Even if they appear not to be usable for this, the ground can be improved with using compost and soil taken from other areas.
This project is one that I have undertaken myself by developing a community garden in Wolverhampton. You can find out more about it on this blog.

Other areas can be developed for recreation in terms of creating a park area with trees and flowers as well as benches, ponds and whatever you collectively decide would make it look nicer and a place where people would want to spend time.

Another way to develop an area would be to make it somewhere that provides activities. It could be a play park for children or somewhere to play basketball, volleyball or go skateboarding, to give a few examples. This kind of area needs to be one that would not cause too much noise for people who live close to it.

The greater range of areas would improve the community in many ways so that if someone was not interested in going to a natural park, they might be more interested in playing sports. We need to provide as much as we can for people in ways that no-one or nowhere is going to suffer.

It should be up to the residents to decide how places are going to be developed and, of course, in collaboration with the local council so that they know that what you want to do would be only of benefit to potentially everyone who lives nearby.

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