Renewable Energy Projects

Wind turbines

If your area is in a climate where there is regular wind, wind turbines are a very good idea to implement. They have a good net energy ratio of around 18:1, meaning there is around 18 times as much energy output as energy input (reference) but are sometimes argued against in terms of their construction costs. However, a challenge to take up would be for people to get together to find out how they could make one from recycled materials as much as possible. This means it would be made on a smaller scale, to power a smaller concentration of homes. I don’t have the answers to building one of these, but Open Source Ecology (OSE) is a site dedicated to providing answers for free to everyone and this page has information about building small-scale wind turbines.

Solar Power

Solar power is quite expensive to install as panels have to be specially made and are probably too complicated to make outside specialist factories. However, reflecting the sun’s rays via mirrors or convex lenses can be the starting point for initiatives. If you live in a sunny place, reflecting the sun’s rays to elements that are found on electric cookers or any other heat absorbing metal can be used to cook food or store energy for later use. Again, this is not my area of knowledge so all I can give you is an objective to work towards. I take my inspiration from poorer, sunnier countries like in Africa or Asia where these kinds of innovations could be used to great effect with virtually no cost. Additionally, it produces no smoke and therefore no air pollution.
A good reference is Green Power Science on YouTube.

Hydro-electric Power

If you live near to a river where there is a strong current or near to the sea (to use the waves) there is always a potential source of energy. Look at how to construct turbines that would be unobtrusive and wouldn’t be accessible to fish or other animals. A kind of protective cage would be needed to allow the water flow but to keep animals from being trapped in the blades.


This is one of my favourite ideas for creating power. You can easily create electrical energy and get fit at the same time by removing the back wheel from an old bike that has gears (or setting it on a stand) and connecting it to a generator that in turn connects to a storage device such as a car battery. You can either let the children go wild on it and use up some of their energy or get fit yourself! In fact, why not set up two or more bikes so you can go for a virtual ride together. Fit a speedometer and see who can reach the top speed. Oh yes, you will also save on your electricity bill in the process.
You may think this sounds like a silly idea but this page on OSE shows that it is being used already in many ways.


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