Recycling Materials from Scrap Yards

Scrap yards have formed all over the world and as they are usually out of the sight of us in our everyday lives, we don’t really think about them. We can all agree that they are a source of awful environmental damage, not just to the ground but to any animals that go there to find food. However, scrap yards should be seen as a major opportunity that’s still waiting to be explored. Basically everything that is there can be recycled in some way, but what would be the gain from doing that? For one, it would alleviate the environmental destruction it causes and for another, it is an easy way for people to make money from it by selling materials to factories that can be reclaimed from disused items. There is so much metal that could be re-smelted, and all different types of metals.

So much plastic that would literally take hundreds of years to biodegrade that could be recycled to manufacture new products that don’t need brand new plastic to be made. This will help to slow down the plundering of finite resources, especially oil, and it could even be used to make recycling bins!

Glass never biodegrades but it can be recycled. There are other materials that would be prevalent on scrap yards but that is something that some of you could look into and how it can be used for something else.

In terms of the organisation of doing this, when a group is formed that will search through scrap yards, they need to, obviously, follow strict health and safety procedures, with strong gloves and boots, face-masks and goggles. They would need to have a mode of transport to collect the items, like a pick-up truck, establish contacts with businesses to find out what materials they would buy and decide amongst themselves what hours they would work, what health insurance they would need, etc. There is no need for any management team. The workers should be their own bosses, who, following the NMRF model, should hold meetings regularly to evaluate their work and ensure that each member of the group receives the same amount of money, as long as they are all working as much as each other.

The scope of this project is as big as the workers want to make it and an extension would be to set up a system whereby any items that people want to throw out can be collected by the group and not even make it to the scrap yard. There could be separate groups for different materials. It would probably be better to organise things in a way that everyone knows and works within their limits so that other people have the chance to form their own group without taking any business away from the original groups. It is all about collaboration and cooperation. There should not be competition between the groups but all working in their own areas that won’t risk putting anyone else out of business.

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