Local transport

With the rising costs of fuel and general financial difficulties that could mean that transport is becoming too expensive for people, we should again be looking at this as an opportunity instead of a problem.

People may not want to use public or private transport so much but they still have to get around. So this means, if you are going to provide a service, what does it need to take into account?

You will want to keep your costs down if you are going to provide transport so something that doesn’t use fuel (or as much fuel) is imperative. To maximise your service, it needs to be something that is readily available. Fixed points where people can go to would be the best, like with bus stops and taxi ranks. You probably aren’t going to be able to set up a new bus service, so think small and spread the service between a larger number of workers.

I took my inspiration for this idea from a group of people in Dublin, who had bikes and trailer-seats fixed to the back to take people around the city. This can give you something to really your teeth into: Get a bike (with gears) and construct a light but strong (and preferably covered) carriage to fit to it. It basically takes more inspiration from older forms of transport such as a horse and carriage or rickshaws that are still used in Asia.

If you had a pick-up point in a shopping area, you could give one or two people a ride to their home to carry their bags. You simply charge the passengers depending on how far you have to travel, but this needs to be mutually agreed so there are not price discrepancies for the customers.

For the organisation, it will take time to work out how many of these would be needed in different areas but start small and more people could join in over time, depending on the demand.

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