Local theatres

The arts is an area where it is notoriously difficult to find work. Any aspiring musician, actor, dancer or comedian will tell you the same. The important factor to look at is keeping things in perspective. As mentioned in the film-making project, the higher you aim, the less likely it is that you will get there. Aspiring artists should instead look at establishing themselves on a smaller scale, like in your town or county.

An important thing to have in place is a venue. There may already be a number of venues where you live that have local acts performing but they are probably not working in collaboration with each other. This is something to work on to try to get more of an identity for each place. One could be for live rock music, another for live dance music, etc. Others can be for plays or for dancers to perform. This all depends on the demand from the public of course but the owners could meet to discuss what they would like to focus on so that they would not be competing with each other but all getting a fair share of acts and audiences.

However, as I like to think of starting from zero, a venue should be found that could even be leased from the council if possible to try to agree a lower cost for renting it. You would need to explain why you would need this as you want to enhance the community and improve opportunities for people to perform. A volunteer group could work on refurbishing the place, using recycled materials as much as possible to cut the costs, so that you end up with a venue that is in a good condition.

For the potential performers, you may feel that you don’t have the opportunity to perform if you don’t know of like-minded people if you need to be part of a group, as in for acting or dancing. In this case, you could organise such a group that meets in a community centre or another suitable venue so that people can get together and meet other aspiring performers to work together.

I would recommend aiming to deliver a performance that is something different to the norm. For example, if you like to sing, the Perpetuum Jazzile choir created this amazing version of Toto’s ‘Africa’ which is very inspirational. Look at the feeling of satisfaction they get at the end of it.

In you like to act, you can obtain Ancient Greek plays for free, which formed a cornerstone of their culture.

In terms of the production of the performance events, food and drinks can be made locally to involve even more people from the community and give them a source of income.

With good organisation and without aiming too high, you can create some wonderful events and follow your dreams.


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