Local Clothing Industry

Over the last few decades, textiles manufacture has been mostly eliminated from western countries. Even though this makes clothes cheaper to buy in the west, the sweatshop conditions in places like Asian countries are completely unacceptable and of course it means that jobs are lost in western countries. When there are people who have a desire to design and make clothes, it becomes difficult to find a place in the market and compete against shops that can sell things so cheaply.

The word should be put around the community that people who are interested in this kind of work should form a group that has specific objectives. These being to provide CDM shops with goods, like mentioned in the article on Manufacturing Industries. In the UK at least, it is still common that older people like to knit clothes and they could be asked to join the movement to give them a useful task to do. If the person in question is retired and would like to have something useful to do to fill their time, this can be maximised in this way so that they can also be earning some money for it.

Younger people who may study clothes design could also become part of the movement so that they can sell their products in CDM shops. Unlike regular clothes retailers, customers can even request specific items that they would like to buy. This aspect of communication in the supply and demand system can make the whole process more valuable. More clothes could be sold because the customer is able to choose what he or she would like before it is made.

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