Fast Food Markets

You might think that the whole fast food industry is not one that you would expect to find here but there is a great opportunity available to make it localised to create work for a number of people.

I take my inspiration from something I saw in Bratislava, Slovakia, back in 1998. This was a market area which was full of fast-food stalls, all selling many types of food and drinks.

Different people had their own stalls which sold Chinese food, Italian food, etc., which gave a reason for people to want to go there. You could pick and choose whatever things you wanted. This already gives a much greater range than any of the well-established fast-food restaurants that form our clone towns.

In the CDM model, local people could make the food, using locally grown or produced ingredients where possible and either sell it to the stall workers or both make it and sell it themselves. Hopefully, the public would support this if it was emphasised enough through the CDM objectives.

There would obviously need to be health and safety targets to be met and there should be an effort made to produce healthier foods as much as possible. They can still taste extremely good if they are healthy and created well. This would then help the economic development of the community a great deal if the public went to one of these places instead of those that drain our money out of the community in vast quantities.

Like the local market idea, there could also be other opportunities created for performers and other people to work there, which could create a pleasant environment in which to spend your time.

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