Crystal Maze-style activity centre

Those of you who are in the UK might know of the TV show – The Crystal Maze. If not, it was a game show where a team of contestants had to complete various puzzles, each in a different room. The puzzles were either physical or mental challenges like fitting things together or getting across the room by using intuition.

This is a great inspiration for a similar venture using an old disused factory or other large building and creating similar puzzle rooms from recycling materials. If you watch a clip of the show online, you’ll see that there is a lot of scope for imaginative design. It can also be used to bring out the creative talent in the community by getting people to volunteer and create such an attraction.

As we humans love to prove that we can win challenges, the potential for this to become a successful business is great. It would be recommended to keep it dynamic and create activities that can be changed just by moving pieces around, like you can with the plastic grips on a climbing wall. This would be mean that people wouldn’t get bored with it as there would always be fresh versions of challenges.

In terms of how it could work as a business, people who take part in its construction should maybe be given the first option to work there. Like other projects I have written about, I would prefer that it wasn’t privately owned but more of a community business. It would be much more valuable to the local economy than an international company and the employees would rely on their own work to keep the money coming in.


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