Creativity in the Community – Teaching

Creativity in the Community is a project where people come together to help each other improve their knowledge and skills and enjoy doing whatever activity they choose. An example of how I think it could work is in a way that would need the approval of local councils and the government for it to be possible. There will be a number of unemployed people in the neighbourhood who may feel that they don’t enjoy their lives because they don’t get the opportunities to achieve anything. But if they had a community centre available to share their skills, they could start to turn their lives around.

Say there is someone unemployed who can speak another language or who knows how to play the guitar or paint or skateboard, etc. These are skills that other people would like to have, too, so what could happen is the people who already have the skills should be allowed to hold classes for other members of the community who pay a minimum fee for each class and more if they wish to. If the new teacher can get one or two classes a week, they would be able to make a little money which shouldn’t be taxed due to the low amount earned.

Hopefully, over time their classes would continue and grow and there is a good chance that they will feel they are working in an area that they enjoy, are helping other people who live nearby, therefore possibly making more friends. As long as they are making enough money to live on, they could be happy with what they do. They will feel respected by their students and even those who don’t go to their classes and it could lead to bigger and better things over time.

Having the opportunity to be creative and productive gives a great feeling of satisfaction because you know that your students, in this case, are gaining their skills or knowledge from you. You can feel a sense of purpose because you will be doing something that other people respect and are willing to pay you for. Knowing that other people look to you for their education and inspiration also gives a sense of responsibility and can inspire you to make sure that you are delivering what they want or need.


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