Creativity in the Community – Opportunities for Artists

This section is more about fine arts, such as painting and sculpture. It needs to be focused on to provide opportunities to these kinds of (potential) artists so that this side of creativity can also be brought to fruition.

It goes along with the page about revitalising disused areas to give artists a way that they can get their work shown as well as enhancing the local area’s appearance.

Sculptures can, of course, be placed in parks or other appropriate places and can be paid for by community tax and/or donations. There would be a limit to how many could be placed around the town but it could give artists the recognition that they are looking for which could lead them onto other things. Maybe people would commission another piece from the artist to have in their home or garden.

Even graffiti artists could be brought into the picture and where they might ordinarily be thought of as people who deface or vandalise things, they should instead be offered opportunities to add to the beauty of the local area to produce pieces of art that get chosen by the public through a voting system to improve the appearance of a designated area and to give a sense of value and respect to the artists. It is much better to involve people and celebrate their skills than to cast them aside and have them vandalising buildings.


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