Creativity in the Community – Film Making

(This project is taken from my book, The Hypothetical Government)

At this time, it is much easier to obtain a device for recording video but to make it in the world of cinema is extremely difficult because one would need either a lot of money, the right contacts, the chance to study cinema and other media-related subjects at university or college and so on, but not everybody has these opportunities. However, if we scaled it down and organised a project to get people together who like the idea of making films and supported them to create a simple studio in an otherwise disused building, they could take on the ownership of editing and producing by themselves.

Like-minded people who have an interest in making films and animations should recognise that they are in the same boat and not feel that they are in competition with each other, rather, they should work together to share ideas and further their collective development. But what are they going to do with the finished product? They are very unlikely to be able to sell it to a cinema chain or have it seen at a major film festival. But again, by down-sizing things, they could use another building as their cinema. Other members of the community could help out with refurbishing it, decorating it and together they could raise the funds needed to buy a large TV screen instead of a projector. Put in some tables and chairs and organise local film festivals, where people can come along to watch locally produced material (that has been independently approved so as not to be controversial in any way). It could then raise funds for the project to continue and flourish as well as provide employment for other people who could be involved in the festivals or simply cinema evenings, like making and serving food and drinks.

Not only would this kind of project help people to be able to make use of their artistic dreams and put them into practice but it would also help to bring the community together to support each other. A small entrance fee would soon cover the costs of the electronic equipment and the refurbishment/ decoration costs. Imagine each region of each town having its own film festival, to celebrate small achievements, create its own entertainment and finance itself.

If these kind of projects became the norm, people would understand that life should not be about trying to become rich or famous, as only a few people can achieve this anyway, but about really being able to achieve satisfaction and ownership of one’s actions through working with basic resources, local support and good organisation.


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