Compost Making

This project is intended to manage waste better and use it for a productive purpose, that of growing plants and making the soil more fertile.

Any organic waste that is generally thrown in the bin should be collected regularly and used to add to soil to make compost. Ways that it can be done are to construct a container in key areas so that residents can walk to one in a few minutes at the most (otherwise they won’t use it) that is specifically to collect organic waste. The problem with this is providing containers. They could be made from recycled materials (metal or strong plastic) and of course need to be sealable so that animals won’t be gathering around it. If this is not a viable option, there could be a collection van that comes round every week or however is necessary to collect these food scraps.

As well as providing many powerful and natural nutrients for the soil, it will also mean that less waste is ending up in landfills and leading to scavenging animals that could also get poisoned by other liquids that are mixed with it, like chemicals from electrical items.

The compost can be sold to people as an alternative to chemical fertilisers, which are in the long run very detrimental to the environment (but that’s another story, see The One Straw Revolution) or exported to places where the soil is not fertile. This can have the benefit of regenerating waste areas and turning them into useful and attractive areas.

In terms of an industry, a few can be made in each town of this kind, though they would probably be quite small but meaningful and useful as a business and for the benefit of the environment.

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