Community Festivals

A cheap and effective way to strengthen the community spirit is to organise fairs, festivals and parties. There are many ways these can be done but the first thing to do is decide what the theme is going to be. It could be an international food festival where you bring together people whose families come from different cultures and encourage them to make food and drinks for everyone to experience. I particularly like this type of idea as we need to work on integrating people more in communities. As I mentioned in the Principles section, we all live together, whether we like it or not so it is better to celebrate it and maximise it if we are going to live more peacefully.

Other types of festivals could be local crafts so that people are encouraged to create the things they like to and then sell them to the public. This gives an important outlet for people who have hobbies but don’t have any opportunities to present them to the world. It gives them a reason to put their interests and skills into practice.

There are also many silly, crazy types of festivities that are already in place around the world. An example of which is the ‘wife carrying championships’ which take place all over the world. Take a look at the video below from Australia.

The good things about this kind of event is that it’s fun, lots of people like to go and see silly events, it can provide a great opportunity for other people to make and sell their own food and drinks and it brings the community together. As long as it’s not too dangerous or it doesn’t involve animals (they were not made for our selfish entertainment), it can provide a great annual event.

But this is not to say you should only have one event in your town each year. The more the better as long as they are varied. Maybe a completely different event every two months would work so that people with different interests and talents get a chance to be more involved.

Just to give you an idea of how this could look on your town’s calendar, you could have: February – a local crafts market with clothes, paintings, sculptures, food, drinks, etc.
April – a local music festival in the park
June – a crazy sporting event that is maybe unique to your town
August – an international food festival also with music, dances and costumes
October – a local film festival to show films made by local artists
December – a winter/ Christmas market, again selling locally made items

I believe that things like this can really make a massive difference to a town and the community spirit when people have something to prepare for and it generates interest because it is something different to go to.


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