Cleaning and Maintenance

These kinds of jobs are ones that people already find work in but I want to mention them as they are ones that you can set up by yourselves easily and can provide you with at least a small amount of income.

They are things like window cleaning, looking after gardens, cleaning people’s houses, decorating, going shopping for other people and so on. Again, the main thing to keep in mind is the organisation of such work so that a number of people can work cooperatively and not in competition with each other. This refers to things such as having window cleaners who only work in a defined area so that someone else can work in a neighbouring area. This is important for stability and it is also important to agree to fixed prices so there can not be argument from the customers and conflicts between the workers.

To help with the organisation, you can, together, form a website that has contact details for all the different services on offer and who to contact depending on where you live. The mutually agreed prices should be listed. Another benefit of coming together in this way is that even though you will probably be working independently from the other workers, customers are more likely to find out about you all because of this centralised resource and you may get more calls or emails than if you tried to do it alone.

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