Charity work

Developing a sense of purpose through voluntary work

A lot of the time it can be demoralising and depressing if you are out of work and you feel that no-one gives you a chance (I’ve been there myself). If you are finding it hard to get a job, I would recommend getting involved with some voluntary or charity work. Even though you won’t get paid, you will be doing something that is meaningful. All you need to do is think about which area you would like to help out with and look up the organisations.

By spending a few hours a day knowing that what you do is valued and respected helps you to feel a lot more personally satisfied and gives you a more positive outlook on life. It will also go down well on your CV. If a potential employer knows you are responsible and moral, this could improve your chances of getting a job.

After doing a lot of charity fund-raising activities, I have had this feeling of being happy with what I do. Any material gain is irrelevant but the feeling I have had when something has gone well is wonderful.


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