Bike-power video game

If we are going to get people to generate energy from using adapted bicycles, we need to give them a reason to want to do it.
This idea is to use old, unwanted bikes and set them up so that they can be ridden like exercise bikes (i.e. stationary) and their movements are linked to a video game so that the speed of pedalling makes the player go faster and even leaning into corners is detected. This requires that the bike is fixed in a frame where it can also lean without falling over.

The video game would be a simple racing game, where each rider has their own screen but they are racing against others in real-time. They ride through different courses, maybe with obstacles to make it more fun, items to collect and maybe using cartoon graphics to keep it light-hearted and not have riders being too competitive!

While they are taking part in the race, the energy generated from the pedalling can be harnessed to create electricity that can then be sold back to the energy companies.

In terms of where to put these machines, a shopping centre would be good so that there is always an abundance of people who want to race against their friends. Obviously it would need to be free to use to get more people using them and advertised so that they know that they are generating energy for their locaity.


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