This is to give you some ideas of things that you may like to undertake. They are all based on the principles used by Our Own Future and you are free to use any ideas or put forward your own. If you do decide to try one out, please get in touch and let us know about it!


Creativity in the Community – Film Making – How to start a film group to show your work in your area.
Local Theatres – Creating a local theatre that can involve people from many sectors.
Creativity in the Community – Opportunities for Artists – How to bring artistic talents and dreams to fruition.

Construction/ Infrastructure:

Recycling materials from Scrap Yards – How to earn money from unwanted materials.
Straw Bale Construction – Using straw from farms to build cheaper, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly homes.
Eco Guest Houses – A holiday resort that can be built for very little money.


The Centre for Local Development – A very big project to promote many kinds of community development.
Creativity in the Community – Teaching – How to make use of your skills by teaching them to members of your community.


Growing food locally – Bringing people together to create more independence with growing and selling local food.
Producing food and drinks locally – How to sell food that you have made to shops and cafés.

Green Energy:

Renewable Energy Projects – A variety of projects to create renewable energy for your community.
Bike-power video game – A fun activity that can generate electricity for the locality.

Local Environment:

Compost Making – How to earn money, improve the environment and make use of discarded organic materials.
Revitalising disused areas – Different ways that areas can be improved for environmental reasons as well as providing activities.

Manufacturing Industries:

Regenerating Manufacture – Bringing back manufacture and relying less on imports.
Local Clothing Industry – Producing clothes locally to reduce dependency on imports, and promote creativity.
Larger scale clothing business – A worker-owned factory system.
Furniture business – by recycling and re-using junk material.

Recycling/ Rubbish:

Rubbish Collection for Recycling – Improve the problem of rubbish collection by seizing an opportunity.
Tidy up your neighbourhood – Getting people together to help clean up your area.

Small Businesses:

A small business model – Some principles of how to organise businesses in a cooperative way.
Starting a Small Business – How to address the problems of not having enough capital to open a business.
Second Hand Goods – Creating a business to sell second hand goods effectively.
Local Markets – A model to promote local creation of items to sell in a market and how to make it an interesting place to spend time in.
Fast Food Market – Using local skills to create a market with a wide variety of foods.
Small bookshop – Ideas for starting a small shop selling people’s unwanted books.


Cleaning and Maintenance – Providing small services in the neighbourhood.


Local Transport – Starting up a new small-scale local transport system.


Community Festivals – Encourage community spirit with various local festivals throughout the year.
Fitness groups – How exercising together can help you keep to your routines.
Homeless shelter – Building a practical and cheap shelter for the homeless.
Charity work – Feeling a sense of purpose through voluntary work.
An activity centre – based on the challenges of The Crystal Maze.

2 Responses to Projects

  1. John Berry says:

    We are part of an organisation that assist and feed the homeless in South Wale’s and Bristol…
    Saw your cardboard bed and interested…

    • Elliot Lord says:

      Hi John. Great! Try to get a few people together to start making them over there and keep in touch!

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