3 – Strengthening Community Spirit

It is sad to say that these days, in the western world, people have become more concerned with themselves than others. People buy cheap goods that were probably made in China and mostly because we aren’t regularly told about working conditions in such poorer countries, the public don’t have to face these issues of morality and can go unaware of what is happening far away. As we also know now, though, China is becoming the world’s financial superpower, mainly because of our dependence on their manufacture. We are getting poorer and, at the same time, China is getting richer.

I don’t think many people would disagree that the community spirit in western countries is weaker than it used to be up to the 1950s or so. People don’t feel that they have to pull together and look after each other. The truth is that they do if we are going to not just survive, but prosper.

Let’s use an example of fresh food. A lot of it is imported even if it can be grown in the country where you live. Why? For one reason, because it’s cheaper to pay poorer people who will welcome whatever business they can get. They will sell as cheaply as they have to because for them some income is better than no income. So what happens to the farmers in our country? They lose business and become poorer or have to give up their business and work in another sector.

Again, our money is therefore draining out of the country and even though we may be helping some poorer producers in other countries, we are getting poorer by supporting them.

One might argue that we can balance it out by exporting our products but most manufacturing has already left western countries so there is not much left that gets exported from the west now.

The way that we can try to stabilise our economies is by spending money on locally produced items where we can. I will explain this more on the next page but if we stop our money draining out of the bucket, as the nef puts it, we will continue to have the money more at our disposal.


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