8 – Forming a group

Hopefully, over time, you will be able to form a group but again, don’t expect this to happen quickly. You might just have a couple of people who you work with but work out who is going to carry out which duties. One of you might prefer to do the admin things like contacting others more than someone else. Another can be in charge of updating things on social media like facebook and Twitter.

Make sure that you keep focusing on being seen in public as doing things. If you disappear into the background, it will be even harder to get anything going. You want people to think that you are active and that you are committed to what you do so talk to lots of people, give them your contact details and whatever you tell them, talk in the positive. Don’t say that everything’s really rubbish and your idea is probably really silly. Tell people who or what would benefit from it and how you want to improve things. Tell them what you plan to do next so that people think you are dedicated to what you do.

It could take months or even a couple of years to really make your project happen but that’s the reality of it. Thanks to Margaret Thatcher, who claimed that society doesn’t exist but it’s every man for himself, the general public have been left somewhat apathetic. You need to keep grinding away at things if you are going to show people that something can be done. Even if only a few people agree with you, you are making progress. Treat every small positive comment or show of support from someone as a big achievement. People will start to believe in you and hopefully you will inspire them to join you or set up their own project.

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