4 – Work together to create initiative and action

It’s not going to have much of an effect if five or ten people put an effort into buying locally made products, but if hundreds or thousands of people change their spending behaviour in this way, it will make a difference. Something as simple as going to local cafés instead of the big, popular ones will create revenue for small business owners. But what good will that do for the customers? They aren’t going to see that money, are they? Why should we care about making a handful of people that we don’t know better off? Well, because they will then have more money to spend back into the community if they spend in the same way. They will have more purchasing power which basically means the money can be transferred to other local businesses, who will then get a little richer and have the purchasing power to deliver it back into the community. This is like a circular pattern of using our money. Person A buys potatoes from person B. Person B can then buy a shirt from person C and person C can then buy a chair from person A. The money stays in the community because everyone is looking after each other, which in turn means they are looking after themselves.

The power lies in the community itself. The more we support our local economy, the better off we become. We are not draining our money out of the community by spending it on potatoes from country R, t-shirts from a company based in country S or chairs made in country T.

So this is the first step to re-stabilising our local economy: the people have to come together. But how can we get enough people to act like this? We educate them by spreading this message. We make them more aware of how things work for our benefit and to our disadvantage. And how can we get them to listen? Get out there and talk to them. Hand out leaflets, put posters in shops that sell local products to tell people why it is better to buy from there. Hold meetings to help people understand these ideas. In the beginning, you may only get a handful of people interested but when word gets around, things can really start to happen. Ideas for doing these things will be given later.

So this is the most important point to work on to start with. But of course, if there are not enough local products on sale, how can they buy them? If people don’t have the money to start up new businesses, how can this take off? This is the main part of the ideology behind this website. We have to see what we can create from basically nothing!


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