It is important to have principles in place if everyone involved is going to work together smoothly. People need to agree on what they will and won’t do for a movement to be effective.
In this section, I offer my suggestions as to what is more likely to provide a solid foundation on which the community can develop.
Please take time to read these before you look through the projects because to see how the projects could work, you need to understand the principles behind them.

To begin with, I would like to give a brief account of the global recession and the problems that the general public have been left with. Forgive me if it seems simplified but people wouldn’t want to read this if it was too long and detailed.
As we know, the problems were caused by the banking system and their desire to exploit the public by offering them subprime mortgages that they were unlikely to be able to pay back as well as other lending with the intention of making money from the APR. Basically, it was down to irresponsible practices from powerful institutions where people invested money they didn’t have and borrowed money they couldn’t pay back (this also included governments). And who has to clean up the mess? The general public, through cuts in public spending and job cuts to save the multinational companies from going out of business.

Nobody with a gram of morality would argue against the fact that it should have been those institutions that created the mess who have to get themselves out of it, but their power and influence meant the public have been treated as slaves who can’t do anything about this situation: we don’t have the power or influence to have an effect.
So, the public has been left in a position where those at risk of losing assets still control our lives: they provide the jobs and we should feel thankful for them because we are generally not in a position to create our own jobs; that requires money to start up and the capacity to compete against companies that provide goods more cheaply than we can (through buying in bulk from poorer countries that manufacture them).
This is the starting point, to look at what we can actually do with this problem. There are ways around it but it requires certain factors to be in place, which will be discussed on the next page.


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