Finished but not finished

I know I’m late with saying this but as I have moved from Wolverhampton, Our Own Future in its current state has finished as I won’t be able to work with the people from that area.

I am now in Bristol and hope to keep the card beds project going but it means starting from scratch again. I’m currently in talks with a centre that feeds the homeless to get workshops started in 2017 but I need to find volunteers to get involved as well.

I also want to restart We Are One, which wasn’t officially an OOF project but I believe it is important to try to get happening, in the current political/ social climate. I will need people to collaborate with to help with promotion so hopefully I can find some people in Bristol for that.

Otherwise, the project ideas on this site will remain available and I hope that people will be inspired by them, put some into action and let me know about them.

Feel free to get in touch, especially if you want to get involved in something.

Happy new year, Elliot

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