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Since people have seen the items on BBC news about this, a lot of you have got in touch to offer materials and to ask other things. I will address these points here rather than answer each one individually.

In Wolverhampton and Birmingham, we have a steady supply of card from bike shops so we don’t require any more card at the moment. The card has to be big pieces that are rigid and the boxes that bikes are delivered in are perfect for this.

We do need large pieces of plastic to help keep the beds waterproof but if you’re going to contact us, please tell us where you are based and if you could bring it to us (at the current time, we don’t have a base where we operate from in B’ham but we will work on this).

There is no way that we can send any beds anywhere. We make them by hand and the idea is that other people will make them in their towns. Please visit the page in the menu at the top for all the information and plans. We want this to become a movement with teams working all over the country and the world, eventually.

If you want to join in with the project and start making beds, you’ll need to team up with a group that volunteers with the homeless, like a soup kitchen or church group. You’ll need to establish a workshop space where you can store the card and make the beds. It won’t require a lot of space but you’ll need somewhere where homeless people will know where to go to get a bed from. It is not as easy as just finding homeless people as there is the issue of trust. They get a lot of abuse from the general public and sometimes are wary of people so this link with people who know them needs to be made.

As I said, bike shops are a great place to ask for card but shops that sell other large items like furniture may also be worth asking. We haven’t yet established a supplier of plastic so can’t really recommend anywhere for that yet (but we have had some offers).

If you make some beds, please don’t give them out without enough plastic to wrap around them or they could get ruined as soon as it rains.

Please ask if you have other questions that aren’t covered here. The email address is ourownfuture@gmail.com

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