Card beds workshops around the UK

After receiving some funding for the card beds project, I can offer to lead workshops around the UK to instruct volunteers how to make them and hopefully provide them with all the knowledge necessary for continuing to provide them for your locality.

You will need to book a venue that is simply big enough for 4 or 5 large tables, some big pieces of card and a number of people. I will bring the templates of the pieces to draw around and cut out, the craft knives and the paper instructions. A workshop could last for anywhere between 2 and 5 hours.

For the card, I suggest asking at a local bike shop as they have been resourceful with giving us their large boxes that are made from very strong card. See below for an example of how it needs to be (click to enlarge).

IMAG1503I can be flexible with dates so all you need to do is ask if I can make it. These workshops can be provided for free but if your organisation is able to help with funding the travel costs, it will mean that I could continue to run more workshops in other places.

I am based in Wolverhampton, so central to the country, but in order to not need overnight accommodation, it would be best if I could travel to and from the venue on the same day.

These beds can be used by both homeless people and refugees in other countries so if you work for a charity that assists refugees abroad, please also get in touch about me training people to make beds that could be transported to where they are needed.

Send an email to with Card Beds Workshop in the subject line.

Elliot Lord

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2 Responses to Card beds workshops around the UK

  1. Laura says:

    What you and your team are doing is so adorable. Thank you very much!

  2. Dear elliot

    I run a foodbank and wonter night shelter from november to march over the weekends. I would be very interested in having you deliver a workshop about making the cardboard beds which we can then give out to rough sleepers when they leave us.

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