Card beds workshop at the Uni of Birmingham

On Monday 23 Nov, we had a workshop organised at the Uni of Birmingham to make some of the card beds. Mark, who organised it from their side thought we might get 20 to 30 students but I had no expectations. I turned up with my templates, craft knives and pieces of wood to make folds and was amazed to see how many boxes they had got from a bike shop. There were maybe 40 large boxes which was brilliant to get a number of beds made.

As the students came in, I went round explaining how to make the pieces and how important it is do to in the correct order (cut out main shape, do the folds, cut the slots). As they were not really aware of how it all worked, we had to get enough pieces to make a bed so I could show them how it was assembled and what the benefits are.

IMAG1503It was pretty chaotic going round explaining to everyone who came in but Becky helped with that as well as those who had already figured it out so it soon became a hive of activity.

IMAG1507I was so happy to see it coming together and when we had enough pieces for a bed, I got everyone together to explain to them how it is assembled and that it doesn’t transfer the cold from the ground, how we use plastic sheets to waterproof it and how comfortable it is.

This video gives an overview of how things were about halfway through the afternoon.

More and more students (as well as members of staff) kept coming in and the estimate for the total number was 60 people, which was overwhelming. Some could only stay for a short time, others stayed with us for the full 4 hours and I am very grateful to everyone who came by to help out. Some people were interested in it from a design perspective and others wanted to help with distributing them so the response was wonderful.

IMAG1504IMAG1505At the same time, we had BBC Midlands Today come along to film the workshop and it was featured on the breakfast news the next day. I also thank them for covering this as will help to find more people to get making these beds all round the country, especially as the weather is getting cold now.

IMAG1506Overall, it was an absolutely wonderful day so thanks again to everyone who took part. you’re making a difference to people who are unfortunate to be homeless and suffering on the cold ground.

Any of you who want to get in touch and help out, please email Elliot at Also, if anyone else wants to do some press coverage, I’ll do more to help get this better known as soon as we can.

We need to get a steady supply of large, plastic sheets/ bags in the West Midlands so we are calling on businesses in the area to let us have their waste, or some of it at least.

Please don’t worry about offering to supply card. We have good supplies of it in Wolverhampton and Birmingham and we need a specific size and strength, which we know we can get from bike shops whenever we want. Thanks, though!

Today, it will have featured on Midlands Today 3 times and I’ll write another post when I have some links to articles and videos from that.

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  1. Judith says:

    We need a lot more inshgits like this!

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