Card beds workshop at Impact Hub Birmingham

Yesterday we held our second workshop in Birmingham at the venue where this project started taking off – the Impact Hub in Digbeth.

Becky helped to arrange for the card to be delivered and volunteers started arriving right on the dot of 6.30. I was able to explain the process to a number of people all at once, which made it easier for them to get on with making the pieces. We did it so that each of the 5 tables just had one piece to be made so they weren’t having to share templates with other groups (these are, of course, tips for people wanting to hold their own workshops in other places).

The mountain of bike boxes!

More people arrived and we had between 20 and 25 enthusiastic volunteers all getting down to work and producing excellent pieces that started piling up quickly. This order meant that everyone knew what they needed to do and they quickly picked up the technique to produce them quickly.

IMAG1513Once we’d got enough pieces for a bed, I showed them how it was assembled and they got to try it out. As always, people feel nervous about lying on it in case it breaks but they are amazed to see that it doesn’t move at all due to the self-supporting design.

They just didn’t stop making pieces and ended up with enough for about 8 beds – that’s around 88 pieces done in about 2 and a half hours!

IMAG1516This shows that workshops are the way forward. Everyone had a great time and people got to meet new people. They wanted to stay in touch with the project and come to future workshops so we were all really happy with what we’d achieved.

The first use they will have will be at the sleep out on Broad St, Birmingham this Saturday starting at 6pm where we will make more beds for us to sleep on and then give out to homeless people, which is due to be 30 beds.

I am due to have loads of plastic sheets delivered today which will be enough to completely cover around 150 beds so thank again to McFarlane Packaging for that.

Untitled - 3So please look into setting up a workshop where you are. Get some boxes from a bike shop, use social media to advertise it, make some templates beforehand, get all the instructions from the main site and have a great social event to help homeless people to avoid the cold ground this winter. Remember, you can’t order these from us, they aren’t for sale, so it requires you to potentially save lives over the next few months.

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