Elliot Lord is also the author of a number of books, the main one with reference to this organisation being The Hypothetical Government.

THG book coverThis book is about an alternative system of government. One where the well-being of people and the planet comes first. It is an analysis of some of the things we take for granted, such as competition between people and businesses, the idea that we should aim to own as many things as possible to make us appear more valuable people and what their actual consequences are. The book takes these starting points to be able to look into how things would be if we actually worked in collaboration and didn’t aim to become rich and famous.

The Hypothetical Government takes a careful look at important policies such as education, health, welfare and religion to examine why things are not going as well as they could and what we could change to make sure that we are taking care of each other.

It takes many references from concepts old and new and considers how they could be embedded in a society so that true development is taking place instead of focusing on economic growth which is a myth as a finite economy cannot grow indefinitely.

The book is around 450 pages and is available as an ebook to be read on Kindle devices or apps.

Elliot Lord is the author of several other books:

In A Small Northern Town – A fictional novel about the lives of people in a former mining town in England.

Tefling Without Resources – A collection of lesson plans to teach English as a foreign language that require next to no materials.

The Man Who Planted Trees (children’s version) – An adaptation of a French short story that is very uplifting and is now accessible to children (also available in French and Portuguese).

Las Aventuras de James en España – A new approach to learning languages where the reader uses the context of the story to understand the meaning.

Calming the Storm with A Single Word – A short story of historical fiction about the life of a woman who went from being a servant to a saint.

Silent Footsteps – A short story of suspense and mystery about a man who finds himself stranded in the middle of nowhere except for a few buildings and some very strange characters.

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