Progress on the garden

25 Oct 2012

I haven’t posted on here for a month but that is because there’s been so much going on that I’ve been waiting for definite news before writing about it. Regarding the free organic gardens I’ve been in talks with people from the council to acquire some land to use. They’ve been helpful with that and showed me three potential sites in the city. One of them also had interest from the charity Catch 22 and I’ve been working on setting up something in conjunction with them. I met with a couple of their team and they sounded interested but had to put it to their leader and I’m still waiting to hear from her.

I also met with another council employee to look at 2 more sites in Wednesfield. He also sounded enthusiastic and told me of other groups who wanted to do something along these lines, like the local secondary school, Catch 22 again and the local residents. Again, I’m waiting to hear some news from him about that.

With one of the first 3 sites, I decided to work on setting up another type of organic garden with a new friend who I mentioned in the last post. We met and talked about a plan to start a herb garden and found that we both wanted things to work along the same lines: that of helping the community, involving them as much as possible and keeping things organic. Maria helped me to write out the formal application for this land and it has been sent to the council department concerning asset transfer, which is about giving assets to community groups so that the council are not having to maintain sites that are not being used for anything. I should hear about this application by 2 Nov.

The Wolverhampton Transition Intitiative held a film screening to show The Power of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil. This was well worth seeing and about 20 people came along. We had a discussion afterwards and I told people about the above project, which got more interest and a couple of people who told me they’d like to get involved.

So, a lot of things have been going on in that respect but there’s also been the issue with the shop. The building that I originally thought I’d be able to use has become unavailable at this time due to the landlord having to store all his work materials in it while he renovates the flats above it. He showed me this and I could see that it really wasn’t possible at this time. Of course, the problem has been what to do instead. I’ve been in touch with different people to try to rent something for the Christmas period but again, it’s just playing the waiting game. As it’s getting nearer and nearer to this optimal selling period, however, that’s not something I really want to play. I’ve also asked about opening a stall in the Mander centre and one in the indoor market but as yet I have no news to give you.

It’s frustrating but all I can do is keep trying different avenues and hope something will come up.

However, on a brighter note, I decided to publicise my intention for a shop on the Mander centre’s facebook page to say what I wanted to do and why. It got over 150 likes in just over one day and I got more than 25 new likes for Our Own Future’s page so thank you to all those people and it’s good to know that more people know about what I’m planning to do.

I will be at the Vegan Festival at the Civic Hall on Saturday the 27th, between 10 and 4 to try to find more people to get involved in the organic gardens project so I hope to see some new people to talk to them about what it will entail and how they could become a part of it.
Let’s hope that this movement grows in the next few weeks. I would like to hold a meeting soon to involve more people so I’ll keep you posted on that, probably using Twitter and facebook.


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