Our Own Future is about finding ways to make all of our lives more stable, developed, peaceful and enjoyable. To reach these objectives we have to start from the basics and find out what we can do without having to rely on anyone else or without needing much money.

People can have satisfying lives when they have things in perspective. There’s no need to aim too high, the important thing is what we do and how meaningful it is.

This site is based on a system of moralism where, if something would be detrimental to others or the planet, it will not be pursued. There can be no exploitation and no corruption if we are really going to develop together. We are all equal and we all belong to the same race: the human race. Our Own Future is not connected in any way with any political or religious group. It is independent and whereas it may be influenced by other organisations, its only affiliation is with everybody. No-one is to be marginalised or rejected for any reason. Whether we like it or not, it is a fact that we live in a society and we depend on each other to make it successful. We have to value and include everyone to achieve a true level of stability.

About me

I am an Englishman with a degree in psychology and a career in teaching. In 2008, I decided to write a book. I thought people always have their ideas about how things should be done so I wanted to see if I could develop this into a complete system of government. I researched and wrote about many philosophies, religions, humanitarian projects, environmental projects, work conditions, etc., and not only wanted to work out why things had gone so wrong but how we could overcome them and basically embark on a new era of humanity. It was, of course, a huge task but after two and a half years I finished what could be called the first edition. The book is called “The Hypothetical Government” and I decided to publish it myself as an ebook (for the Kindle and other devices). Click here for more information.

I have also written other books published for the Kindle and other electronic devices and if you search for Elliot Lord on Amazon, you will see my list of fiction, a children’s story and other books. Or click here to see my list of books.

Then, I decided to leave my teaching career after ten years because I wanted to put my philosophies into action; it is not enough just to write about things, I had to do them. I already knew from many projects that I referenced that they would work and, following the same principles, so many more projects could also work. I went on to do voluntary conservation and sustainable living work in Ecuador and teaching of Tibetan refugees in Northern India. This was between August 2011 and April 2012.

As these projects took me up to April 2012, I felt I didn’t want to put all my ideas on the shelf for almost another year, so decided to create this site to share my ideas and project proposals with everyone who is interested. I am not interested in profit or being thought of as an important person who started all these things. Everything here can be seen as public domain. I want to inspire people to take control of their own lives and not rely on those who have money or power. This way of living needs to be confined to the past and we need to find out how we can create our own future.

But, of course, this is only the beginning. I can’t provide all the ideas or all the answers. That is up to all of us, together. Please visit the Facebook page to connect and brainstorm ideas with other people.

Elliot Lord

If you have any feedback or ideas that you think could be included on this site, email me at emailaddress


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  1. Diana says:

    Plaster board suppliers use giant polythene bags to protect pallets of plasterboard from rain! Big enough to make a tent for 5 people…

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