A free mini library in my neighbourhood

I’ve seen this idea set up in various places, where people can leave books they no longer want for other people to take and thought it was a great idea so I decided to do it where I live.

I made it in secret and asked some neighbours if they wouldn’t mind it going in their garden as it’s a good location for people to access, rather than putting it somewhere public and risking it being damaged.

I got a few books to start it off and put it in place late one night so nobody would know who had done it! I just wanted to see if it would take off without promoting it and it’s been there since 1st April and whenever I pass by, I take a look at it is being used very frequently. This always gives me a good feeling because it must mean that lots of people are taking and leaving books so if you’d like to make one and put it in your garden or an appropriate place, you can copy the design if you like. Make sure it’s waterproof, of course and that the door will stay shut.

It means that there’s a community spirit going on and people are sharing literature for free so I’m glad I did this.

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2 Responses to A free mini library in my neighbourhood

  1. Karen Preston says:

    Great idea. I live 5 minutes walk from it. Karen

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