Welcome to Our Own Future, a voluntary organisation based in Wolverhampton, England. The aim of this site is to inspire anyone and everyone to gain more control of their own destinies. It is aimed at those who are unemployed or who do a job that does not satisfy them, as well as anyone who would just like to engage in something that they find it difficult to do, due to a lack of opportunities.

The purpose is to give people ideas to create their own jobs and secure their own financial stability, explore their creativity, and bring people together to strengthen communities, wherever they are. Initiatives can succeed when the people work together and rely on their own input.

Our Own Organic Garden

Card Beds for the Homeless






Neighbourhood mini library

Black Country Writers




Sometimes, the solutions are easier than we may expect and this is the basis of the projects that are outlined in this site: a lot more is possible than you might think. In the light of the current global recession, many people have lost their jobs through no fault of their own but because of their dependency on large companies to provide work, that then chose to cut their costs by cutting our jobs.

This is not fair and the plan is to move away from relying on outside companies, at least to a degree. There are many ways that people can take control of their own destiny but the only way this can work is when we work together, as a community.

To begin with, this site should be read like a book, in order for you to get a good understanding of the principles behind the practices. See the Principles link at the top.

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  1. dave kilworth says:

    How do I get the card bed as it is ideal for my needs & to show homeless people in our area of Wolverhampton,

    • Elliot Lord says:

      Hi Dave. The way to get them is to make them! Maybe you can join us to help in the town centre.

  2. Cid says:

    Well done Elliot Lord, somebody give that man a medal!

  3. Robert F says:

    Dear E.L

    I say old chap, good show. Thumbs up.

    When I was homeless for a short while
    I lived in a tent in a small grove of trees.
    It was very nice, apart from the fear of
    thugs, the noise and not being able to leave
    anything there…. Frankly I was homeless
    out of fear and depression. If I was worse off
    and didn’t even have a tent I would be have been
    scuppered. However it never occurred to me build
    a bed ( A friend swore by hammocks) and live in
    town. ( too many drunks and macho security jerks)

    I love it!

    Have you seen waxed double layer cardboard?
    Sometimes you see it in shipping boxes.

    Waterproof, very strong and quite light.

    Engineering, social concern and sleeping rough.

    And you can doodle on the cardboard with a pen
    to take notes or tell your story or draw a picture.

    My warmest regards,


    • Elliot Lord says:

      Hi Robert, Thanks for that. It’s important for people to get some words from people who have experienced homelessness, it helps them to understand the situation better.
      I’m glad you’re over that, though. Waxed card is not very easy to get as it’s not standard stuff but thanks for the tip.
      All the best, Elliot

  4. Zahra says:

    Hi Elliot

    I am based in London and am making shoeboxes for the homeless. I saw this article and was wondering if there was a way to get some of the flat pack cardboard boxes that we could then hand out alongside the shoe boxes.

    • Elliot Lord says:

      Hi Zahra, The only way to get them is to make them. You have all the instructions on here and on cardbeds.org
      All the best.

  5. Keally George says:

    Hi Elliot

    First of all God bless you for your inspiration and hardwork you are doing.
    This evening we gave out presents and food to the homeless in Manchester and I was wondering whether we could purchase the cardboard beds off you as we are planning on doing another evening for the homeless in June 2016? As this is so needed for them.

    Keep being amazing and Merry Christmas to a real life hero xxx

    • Elliot Lord says:

      Thank you! I’m glad you’ve been helping out as well. I’m afraid the beds have to be made there. We don’t sell them or make them by machine so please download the instructions and get some people together to start making them before the cold weather kicks in.
      All the best.

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